Madison Ulster Project

Madison, IN * Enniskillen, NI

Board of Directors

Executive Board
Walter Wood III (Brad), Co-President
Katie Wood, Co-President
Gary Burdette, Co-Vice President
Colleen Burdette, Co-Vice President
Corinna Davies, Secretary
Elsa Conboy, Treasurer

Host Committee
Colleen Burdette, Chair
Gary Burdette
Brad Wood
Katie Wood

Program Committee
Dawn Moore, Chair
Brad Wood
Katie Wood
James McLoughlin

Time Of Discovery Committee
Brad Wood
Katie Wood
James McLoughlin

Food Committee
Amy Teater, Chair

Counselor Committee
Cookie Binzer

Transportation Committee

Auction Committee
Colleen Burdette, Chair

Fundraising Committee

Publicity Committee
Maureen Staicer, Chair

T-Shirt Committee
Gary Burdette, Chair

Volunteer Coordinators
Tonya Hill
Elsa Conboy

Worship Committee
Anne Lewis