Madison Ulster Project

Madison, IN * Enniskillen, NI


Ulster Project International Mission Statement

Transforming young Christians into leaders & peacemakers.

Ulster Project of Madison Mission Statement

The Ulster Project of Madison is committed to promoting peace and equality in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants and instilling a sense of inclusion, respect, and tolerance in all participants.

This mission is achieved by fostering friendships among teens from Northern Ireland and teens in Madison during the month of July.  During the month, the teens participate in trust-building activities, religious services, community service projects, and fun activities that are aimed building future leaders.  Participants are expected to sustain a lifelong commitment to peacemaking and community building.

Ulster Project Prayer

Creator God, You have called us to live in harmony.

Give us unity in your spirit to meet

the challenges of this Ulster Project.

Instill in us peace and love

that we may live with one another,

not by might, nor by power,

but by Your Spirit.

We dedicate this project to You, O Lord.